The Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute (ASRI) and the Union of Muslim Student Associations have designed and recently launched a sixteen-week long Civic Leadership Programme (CLP) for young Muslim student leaders who are currently serving on Muslim student associations (MSAs) and other organisations such as student representative councils (SRCs), across South Africa.

The aim of the ASRI – MSA Civic Leaders Programme (CLP) is to educate and train Muslim youth leadership at South African universities on a range of issues that affect their faith in a fast-paced world, enhance their ability to serve their respective constituencies with efficiency and Ihsaan, facilitate engagement between Muslim student leaders across the country and support high-impact collaborative projects that come out of that engagment.

After three successful launch events in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban we will commence with the training programme on Monday 15 April 2024, In Sha – Allah.

The ASRI – MSA CLP programme comprises of sixteen online engagements in total broken down into one session once per week that are spaced out throughout the remainder of the year factoring examinations and university vacations. The sessions will be recorded so participants will be able access them later should they wish to review material or if they have missed a session. The sessions will cover a wide variety of topics such as Islam & justice, ethics of disagreement, prophetic leadership principles, theory of change, South African Muslim history, Islam & mental health, student movements, local and global politics, Muslim minority issues amongst others.

The first session will take place on Monday 15 April 2024 at 20:00 (CAT) on the topic of:

‘Justice In Islam’.