10 April 2020

Review of J.M. Coetzee’s The Death of Jesus (2019), Johannesburg Review of Books

5 March 2020

‘J.M. Coetzee at 80 in Makhanda’, Johannesburg Review of Books

17 March 2020

Empathy and social solidarity in responding to the Covid-19 crisis, ASRI Paper.


Review of Olive Schreiner’s From Man to Man edited by Dorothy Driver, English in Africa, 46(1).

23 October 2018

‘Race’ and racism in post-millennial post-apartheid South Africa: unmaking the past, making the future, ASRI Symposium Compilation.

4 September 2018

‘Critical literacy, citizenship, and the value of education in contemporary South Africa’, short paper submitted for ASRI website.

December 17 2015

“The textures of freedom and its abrogation in post-apartheid suburbs”. In The Funambulist: Politics of Space and Bodies, Suburban Geographies Issue, November, Paris.